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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


We have great fun every day, doing lots of different activities ranging from Science, Maths and English to Music, Dance and Art.
You might even spot us out and about in the village exploring all sorts of interesting things!

Science-learning all about humans

Learning about our 5 senses...
...and testing our sense of taste.
We tasted sour, bitter, sweet, salty and spicy foods
When learning about our teeth, we learnt that egg shell is like the enamel on our teeth.
So we carried out an experiment...
Egg in water
Egg in orange cordial
Egg in coke
Egg in coffee
Experiment results....egg in water didn't change.
Egg in coffee was slightly stained and begun to go moldy
The egg in the coke was VERY stained and SLIMY
The cordial had begun to dissolve the egg shell and begun to crystallize on the membrane
Collecting scientific data and showing it using a human graph
Hair length graph
Eye colour graph
Shoe size graph
Painting ourselves and labeling body parts
Our skeleton collages when we learnt about bones

Some super writing!

We ordered photos of ourselves on a timeline and have written captions to accompany them.
We enjoyed sharing the photos and talking about how we have changed.

Fun phonics

Autumn 1 - Amazing me topic!

Reading and acting our the story 'What makes me a me?'
In science we learnt about collecting data using tally charts
Then we though of different info we could collect
We sorted ourselves by eye colour
We sorted ourselves by shoe size
Doing some practical math activities
Learning to sew with Mrs Gawthorpe
We learnt about maps this week in geography
We have drawn group plans of our classroom
Playing corners in PE
Playing 'Rob the nest'
Our artwork based on the story 'Only one you'
We painted our individual fish and discussed standing out well.
Some practical maths comparing

Getting used to our new classroom and being back in school :)

Gymnastics in Year 1

World Book Day!

Learning about Saint David's day

Pancake making & Shrove Tuesday

PE (throwing & catching & dance) Spring term

Making potions (measuring and comparing volume and capacity)