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Christmas Forest Schools - 15th December 2022

Golden Ribbons 12.11.2021

Golden Ribbons 01.10.2021

Maypole - year 2

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Maypole - Year 1

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Maypole - Reception

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Year Two Home Learning 10.07.2020

Year One Home Learning 03.07.2020

Year Two Home Learning 19.06.2020

Year One Home Learning 12.06.2020

Butterfly release

Year 2 Home Learning 22.05.2020


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From Caterpillars to Butterflies

Year 1 Home Learning 15.05.2020

Caterpillar Update 15.05.2020

Year 2 Home Learning - 08.05.2020

Caterpillars - Day 14

We are definitely starting the third stage in the cycle.  The outer casing on 3 of the caterpillars is changing to hard, smooth and brown.  Day 14 is quite fascinating.

Caterpillar update

Day 7 - Caterpillars

Day 7 - You can start to see their white spots developing and they have spun white silk webs to hang onto.

Did you know that a caterpillar sheds it's skin at least 4 times before it turns into a chrysalis?

Watch us move...

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Year 1 Home Learning 24.04.2020

Growing Up

Chicks in their new home 10.04.2020

Year 2 Home Learning 10.04.2020

Year 1 Home Learning 03.04.2020

We hope you enjoy singing along with some of our Easter songs

We Have A King Who Rides a Donkey

The Angel Rolled the Stone Away


Lord of the Dance

Kum Ba Ya

Give Me Oil in My Lamp

Easter Jubilation




02.04.2020 Good morning - look how we've grown

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Good morning from the chicks - 27.03.2020

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28th March 2019 - Bedtime Stories

8th March 2019 - World Book Day

5th March 2019 - Pancake Races

The Seeds of Friendship

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13.02.2019 Visit to the Site of Cook's Cottage

2018 October Crocus Planting with The Rotary Club

2018 World Book Day

Elf Day

2017 School Nativity - The Little Angel

Happy Bulb planting on Low Green

Stokesley Show Stoppers

Forest Fun

A Sporting Week !

Pioneer Pond Dippers

Merry Maypole

It's a Teddybration!


Rugrats Rugby 2017

Marwood Motivation!

A hen's view

Bed Time Stories 2017!

Crocus Bulbs planted with The Rotary Club of Guisborough and Great Ayton last November bloom beautifully. These crocuses are to highlight their international project to eradicate polio throughout the world

Eggs Alive! 2017

World Book Day 2017